Scalable Video Marketing & OEM Brand Protection
Align your OEM brand with VideoMotive to ensure a consistent brand message through video marketing.

Video Consumption is on the Rise

VideoMotive was built to scale with OEM-specific design teams building monthly videos for dealers.


of in-market car shoppers use video


Growth Year-over-year


Visit a Dealership After Watching Video

Video Marketing Solutions

VideoMotive was built to scale with OEM-specific design teams building monthly videos for dealers.


Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitter – We’ve mastered social video advertising for dealerships and have integrated additional layers of 3rd party data to reach true in-market auto intenders.


From curated to private marketplaces, we’ve whittled down thousands of websites in the “Marketplaces” and developed a niche network of premium inventory that drives direct response.


Build an audience with a dynamic and detailed auto intender database available. A proprietary data aggregation methods and innovative delivery platform with hyper-targeted audience-building capabilities.


We’ve done the research and we know how to reach in-market auto intenders effectively. We know your brand and know how to drive awareness, consideration, and direct response at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Branded Video Content

Our default approach is to build video ads around your style guide. Each month we test our video ads for engagement and improve. Maintain brand consistency with a partner who respects your brand and corals dealer advertising.

Enterprise-level Support & Execution

You need a partner that can deliver on-time and provide support when your dealers need it. Our platform was built to execute enterprise-level strategies while maintaining one-on-one support.

OEM Compliant

We submit pre-approvals when required and maintain ongoing brand training internally. We’ve spent countless hours in OEM portals and respect OEM brand compliance.

Built to Scale

VideoMotive was built for scale from day one. We’ve built arguably the largest library of new car video, we have dedicated teams for OEMs, and built our business model to scale overnight.

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