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Leverage the Power of Video

Whether we’re a behind-the-scenes content provider or an integrated partner,
we’ll develop a custom solution that works best for you.


of in-market car shoppers use video


Growth Year-over-year


Visit a Dealership After Watching Video

Video Marketing Solutions

Take advantage of the time and efforts we’ve spent navigating the perplexities of “Marketplaces.”


Facebook/Instagram, YouTube, Twitter – We’ve mastered social video advertising for dealerships and have integrated additional layers of 3rd party data to reach true in-market auto intenders.


From curated to private marketplaces, we’ve whittled down thousands of websites in the “Marketplaces” and developed a niche network of premium inventory that drives direct response.


Build an audience with a dynamic and detailed auto intender database available. A proprietary data aggregation methods and innovative delivery platform with hyper-targeted audience-building capabilities.


We’ve done the research and we know how to reach in-market auto intenders effectively. We can build custom campaigns based on YOUR dealer’s individual goals and provide you with the reporting to prove the effectiveness.

Enhance Paid Search, Display & Organic

Numerous internal studies show a positive impact on click-through-rates for Paid Search, Display, & Retargeting as well as improvements in Organic traffic due to increased exposure. With available cross-device tracking and network tools, we can track KPIs such as VDP views with view-through-tracking.

Dedicated Teams

Support. Support. Support. We understand how important Client communication is. If needed, we’ll build dedicated teams to support your client base.

OEM Compliant

Like you, we’ve spent countless hours in OEM portals. We understand the importance of OEM brand compliance and constantly train our team on OEM brand standards. Our default approach is to build video ads to respect OEM compliance. We can, however, build custom solutions.

Built to Scale

VideoMotive was built for scale from day one. We’ve built arguably the largest library of new car video, we have dedicated teams for OEMs, and built our business model to scale overnight. We can start with a test on a group of Dealers and move at a mutually agreed upon pace.

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